Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Image.

With a new Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Survival trailer in the pipeline it’s hard not to be excited,  below is an image they have posted to their FaceBook,  not giving away much at first glance, but you will notice a few new thing’s. The list I have created are not confirmed by Sledgehammer games or Activison.

  • Bottom left Cash for Killstreak’s, Spec op’s only or will this run into the multiplayer also?
  • Bottom left Rampage, Will this be a team rampage or singled out between each player?
  • Grenade icon, Airstrike Icon and HandGun icon,  might be Care package’s , Ammo Drop’s or Streak’s earned between round’s?
  • Wave 25 heard this was endless like zombie’s so good luck on that!
  • Enemy counter self explanatory!
  • Team-mate Down: Second Chance/Last-stand
  • Juggernaut’s are back even though this guy look’s like a mini Juggernaut?

MW3 Spec-Ops

Just some guesses post a comment to what’s on your MW mind!


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