Bethesda Softworks New Game Announced!


As if Bethesda Softworks  haven’t been busy enough with Rage, Fallout, Prey2 to name but a few, their taking out another title from under their belt called Dishonored.

Not much to go on at the moment only that it will be  first-person action adventure! More details on Dishonored will be revealed in the exclusive cover story in Game Informer ®’s August issue, which ships to subscribers in early July 2011 and hits news-stands on July 15th.

Below taken from GameInformer and it sound’s promising

“We’ve seen the game running, and now we share Colantonio and Smith’s vision too. Dishonored is the antithesis of a edge-of-your-seat roller-coaster ride. It’s a game about assassination where you don’t have to kill anyone. It’s a game about infiltration where you can set up traps and slaughter the entire garrison of an aristocrat’s mansion rather than sneak in. It’s a game about brutal violence where you can slip in and out of a fortified barracks with nobody ever knowing you were there. It’s a game about morality and player choice where the world you create is based on your actions, not navigating conversation trees”.

Dishonored is a game we can’t wait to tell you more about.

Sadly we will have to wait until 2012 to get our hand’s on it.


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