Microsoft warn XBL of MW2 Phishing!

This news coming close of the back of the PSN downfall, will 2011 be the year of the hacker and fraudster’s?

Microsoft has posted a Service Alert, warning Xbox Live users that they may be threatened by phishing attempts through a Modern Warfare 2 exploit.

We were playing this last night for three hours didn’t come across this exploit, but games were very slow to merge and connection seemed  a bit unstable at the best of times.

Other players  have claimed that their in-game rank and leaderboard data in Modern Warfare 2 has been altered by other users asking for money?  We have not yet seen any evidence of this so we don’t know how true it is.

For now if you are uncertain we would give MW2 a rest until this blows over incase they can reset your ranking or if they are just phishing for your information. Warn your friend’s and do not give away any information through any email’s you may receive!!!!

At least Microsoft are on the ball and have let users know on time,  hopefully this will get sorted before it leads to anything worse?  you can keep up to date by checking in at Xbox Live Status.


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