MyGamerCard Bids Farewell





It’s very sad to see web services like this closing down and hard to understand why more backing is not given to them?

To me one of the biggest suprises was this:

“To make matters worse, while most of us who insisted on playing by the rules (Terms of Use) of the XCDP, others were showing their lack of respect and selfishness by setting up ‘screen scraping’ mechanisms to gather additional data from the Xbox website that are otherwise unavailable to us. If you’ve ever been to and noticed how slow it is – they are the reason why. These sites – some of them for-profit corporations – benefit from having the type of information that the rest of us had been asking for, which quickly started eating away at our traffic. Repeated discussions with Microsoft regarding this issue have gone largely unacknowledged (and certainly un-actioned) by anyone beyond my initial contact” this taken from the website.

Why would people just abuse such trust? anyway this may only be the start of things to come and making it even harded to find places to show of good quality gamercard’s for your website/forum……

Head on over to for the full story!


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