Black Ops – First Strike Trailer

Well here it is, the official ‘First Strike‘ trailer and we finally get a glimpse of the new zombie map ‘Ascension‘ which takes place in a Soviet launch facility.


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2 responses to “Black Ops – First Strike Trailer”

  1. AnotherSociety says :

    Looking very tempting!!
    150GS But I am really sick of all the Achievements going towards Zombies, I would nearly prefer online achievements at this stage with BOps.
    The Eagle has Landers (35G) – In Ascension, escape on all three lunar landers.

    They are going THROUGH! (35G) – In Ascension, kill at least 5 zombies with 1 Gersch device.

    Space Race (45G) – In Ascension, Pack-a-Punch a weapon before round 8.

    Chimp on the Barbie (35G) – In Ascension, kill a space monkey with a fire trap.

  2. pvdkhoa says :

    awesome!!!!! I gonna love this one

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