Black Ops – First Strike Preview

Back in December we told you a bit about the ‘First Strike‘ DLC coming to Black Ops on February 1st and while we are still in the dark with news of the new Zombie map we do have a preview of the multiplayer maps.

Here are some of the new features revealed in the preview:

  • Kowloon: Zip-lines allow you speedy access between areas but the inability to use weapons leaves you exposed to enemy fire.
  • Discovery: Grenades can be used to collapse the bridge connecting both sides of the map.
  • Berlin Wall: This sniper oriented map has multiple high points for you to set up shop and pick off your enemies and a “No Man’s Land” open area in the middle with auto turrets to mow down all who enter.
  • Stadium: Close Quarters Combat for all you run and gun lovers.

First Strike” will be available February 1st on Xbox Live and will cost you 1200 ms points.


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One response to “Black Ops – First Strike Preview”

  1. AnotherSociety says :

    Nice zipline looks a bit weird. I think I will like Stadium the most Run and Gun 🙂

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