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Kinect Sports - Review

Have you ever tried to run and laugh at the same time?  Well you better get used to it because that’s what the kinect sports pack is going to make you do.   It’s the best laugh we have had out of a game in a long time, fun for young and old alike.

What’s in it.

Soccer :

This can be played solo (against an AI player),  Co-op or player v player and, as with all the games in Kinect Sports, is also available to play in skill-based challenge modes.  As you can’t run with the ball it’s a case of direct passing to your team mates up along the field and ending with your striker to make the shot at goal.  The controls seem fairly accurate and you do feel like the ball is going where you aimed throughout this particular game.  When your opponent goes for goal you take control of your goalie and while it’s just a case of moving to the area of the screen where the ball icon appears this can be difficult if you only have a small play area in your house.  When playing against AI we also found that they tend to just run up and take the ball off your toe if you pause for a second, unfortunatley if you so much as flinch while they have the ball your player dives on them resulting in and instant foul and inevitable goal.  Other than that we say 7/10.

10 pin bowling :

Bowling is played from a first-person perspective, you can play 2-4 players competitive,  challenge mode, single player or just a solo game if you prefer.  This we found again to be very accurate with your body movements, probably the most accurate out of all the games in Kinect Sports, adding spin to the ball is only a matter of slicing your arm across your body and a great feature is the choice of playing left or right handed.  For some reason bowling seems to bring out the most competitiveness in us and is the star of the show when compared to all the games in this title.  We give that an  9/10.

Tack and Field:

This is where your stamina gets challenged;  there’s 100m sprinting,  hurdles,  discus,  long jump and javelin…all these together will  really get the blood pumping.  You can also try to beat your own and/or friends records in challenge mode.  While most of the events seem pretty fluid there are certain times you feel like you are putting more energy in then is being represented in the game itself.  Sprinting, hurdles and long jump are pretty much the same and lifting your knees to run on the spot can tire you out pretty quickly.  The discus throwing seems a little buggie when you lean back and then throw forward.  Simply for the fun factor we give it  8/10.


A nice break from all that running will see you pitted against your friend or over xbox-live,  having only played player v player offline we can’t comment on the online side of this hopefully it’s not as laggy as fight night is online!  You know the idea here so punch and punch until you can’t punch anymore.  The blocking system is average but if you do block your opponent then your counter the punch will inflict more damage on him/her.  It’s probably best to forget about skill here though as it seems that frantic punching beats blocking and timed punches every time.  It could definitely be improved 6/10.

Beach Volleyball:

Here you can play solo against an A.I team,  two players or player v player.  Challenge mode also has some dodgeball style variations.  The controls in volleyball feel alot like the controls as a goalie in football, just reach for the ball icon displayed on the screen and serve, spike and smash your way to victory.  Playing against another player split screen works well and your A.I buddy rarely lets you down.  We give this a 7/10

Table Tennis:

You can play this in solo mode, doubles and challege mode.  This would be our least favorite, the paddles seem oddly twisted in the avatars hands and with so way to turn them it means the ball just slices past most of the time.  There seems to be a delay when you swing for the ball and it  just doesn’t feel as natural as some of the other games.  You can still have a laugh with it when playing with friends but the challenges for this game type will leave you more annoyed then fun filleed.  Table Tennis is the weakest link for Kinect Sports we give it a 5/10


A good laugh on your own or with friends a must buy if you own a Kinect


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