Black Ops – First Strike DLC

For those of you who may not have heard the first DLC pack for Treyarch’s Black Ops has been announced.  Major Nelson revealed the details in an interview with Black Ops Dan Bunting (Director of Online).

Click HERE to listen to the full podcast or read on for a summary of the details given.

The map pack titled “First Strike” will be available February 1st on Xbox Live and while no specific dates were given for other platforms we can assume it will be soon thereafter.

The pack will cost you 1200 ms points and will include one Zombie Map and four Multiplayer maps.


Zombie map:

The new Zombie map called “Ascension” remains a mystery as all details on the map are classified for now.

If the name is anything to go by though we are guessing it may be set in some kind of underground tunnel or mine.  Also we have no information as to whether this map will include new weapons or achievements but considering Treyarch’s World at War did include these in their previous DLC releases we guess (yet again) that it is entirely possible that they will be included.


Multiplayer maps:

Thankfully Dan was more forthcoming with details on the four new multiplayer maps (or else this post would be full of guesses) which will include: “More focus on variety of weaponry, engagement types and verticality”.

“Sniper opportunities” were also mentioned which we’re sure will be greatly received by all you sniper lovers out there as the maps included with the game render the sniper rifles practically useless for the most part.

Scripted elements and interactivity which is a feature on all the launch maps will be returning so those who enjoy spending your time running around and pressing buttons will be glad to hear Treyarch have thought of you too!

On to the map descriptions:

Berlin Wall – Historical Location (Checkpoint Charlie), battle between East and West Berlin.

Discovery – Antarctic German Research Station abandoned from WWII.

Kowloon – Inspired from the single player campaign set in Kowloon City, China (Rooftops).

Stadium – Athletic Complex hockey rink based in North Eastern United States.


Stay tuned for upcoming screenshots and analysis.


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