Killzone 3 – SharpShooter.

After playing Killzone 2 I was very impressed from start to finish it was excellent,  both the  graphics and story kept me wanting to play more.  Below is a video of the Playstation Move “sharpshooter”.  To be honest its a brilliant idea but it looks have baked to me.  The sharpshooter itself looks pretty cheap its said to be priced around $40/€30  but why dont you make it a little more expensive and at least make it look good?  Charge more and make it look at least like a gun!  specially as it will be compatible with KZ3 and Socom and probably a lot more fps games coming out.   I know what your thinking…” the police man might shot me in the street while carrying it over to my friend’s house”…. Check this Gun out it got bad ratings but could easy be improved.

Airsoft guns can get away with it by just putting a coloured tip on the end of the barrel.  Theres an extendable stock on it which by looking at the video around 1:44 to 1:50 looks about six to eight inches to short even for that dude.  I also think if your going for more realistic side of gaming having a drop of magazine or a magazine you actually have to take out and wave it infront of the move lightbulb thing and put back in again,  that would definitely stop you spraying and praying….

The technology is brilliant and then let down with cheap looking crap that was made for $5/€2.  Killzone 3 hits the PS3 on February 22nd, 2011 so there is still time for improvment.

Microsoft could learn from this and look at something for the Kinect?  With so many shooters coming out there’s loads of room.  I can’t see this working on multiplayer due to how slow it looks movement wise but for single player it you could do this with a friend it would definitely be amazing and hours of fun.  I will leave it up to you to decide have a look at the video and comment below……..


For more info on the controller head on over to the PlayStationBlog





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