Enslaved – Xbox360 – Quick Overview

I really was hoping for more from this game sadly it failed to deliver.  Graphically it was not the worst I have ever seen but it plays pretty poorly.  It felt in most cases like you were fighting with the camera angles more than fighting the enemies.  Without giving away anything the story seems to go down the drain fairly quickly.  Its entertaining at the start but I lost all interest in it about half way through because it just gets totally rubbish and just wanted it to end.  I did manage to see it out and completed it hard which wasnt even hard so go with that setting.  I was very surprised to see it has dlc adding another 250GS to it.  why?

The boss and enemie fights  don’t vary much thought the game either its a case of rinse and repeat.  Problem solving through obstacles is a no brainer, if you’re not sure where to jump to just keep pressing A and moving around the left thumb stick “Monkey” the main character will find the way.  Worst game I have played in a while if you really want to play it after all that give it a rent!  I see a lot of gaming review sites giving this an 8/10 no way is it up to that level.


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