Operation FlashPoint – Red River 2011

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Codemasters® have revealed the first gameplay video for Operation Flashpoint®: Red RiverTM,  It feels like a very long time since Dragon Rising darkened our Xbox 360,  October 8th 2009 to be exact but I think we have pushed that well back in our memory’s just because it was so bad.  Well bad is such a strong but it was a very weak game on a lot of fronts.  But it does seem codemasters have listened and are bringing an overhauled Operation Flashpoint back to the  table,

  • The story will be set in Tajikistan a central Asian country bordered by both Afghanistan and China.
  • Tajikistan’s diverse  settings– deserts, mountains, valleys and towns – deliver battlegrounds which offer diverse combat scenarios derived from its varied landscapes and increased urban density.
  • Playing as a member of a Marine fireteam you  will encounter all-new insurgent enemies which deploy authentic tactics and weaponry to simulate the threat of real-world guerrilla fighters. They will also engage the PLA, a professional and disciplined expeditionary force equipped with state of the art weaponry financed by the world’s fastest growing superpower.
  • An absorbing three act campaign.
  • Up to four players can enjoy the unique Operation Flashpoint experience across all game modes with seamless drop-in drop-out co-operative play, in campaign mode or in standalone Fireteam Engagements. Whether playing solo or co-operative, players can build up XP across all modes to unlock weapons, skills and modifications for their class, customising their loadouts to suit their preferred style of play.

Lets face it they’re really going to have to bring everything they have and more with Black ops not long out Medal of honor hanging in their slighty and BattleField Bad Company bringing out more and more DLC all the time it,s definitely a war for the top shooter.  Even though not set for release until Q2 2011 on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and Games For Windows® LIVE people will still be playing their favorite shooters,  will this video sway you to buy a copy.



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