Mafia II – Downloadable content!

The first downloadable pack, The Betrayal of Jimmy, is going to be exclusive for the PlayStation 3. The betrayal of Jimmy will be available to download free on the day of launch worldwide, no need to pre-book to get this content as there will be a voucher code inside every copy of the PS3 game.

The second DLC pack, Jimmy’s Vendetta,  will be available soon after the launch ( UPDATE): Downloadable pack confirmed for September 7 and features more than 30 quests in the underworld of Empire Bay)and will offer players a different style of game play with new missions and leader board competitions for the PS3 Xbox 360 and Pc.  Details on pricing and availability for Jimmy’s Vendetta will be revealed at a later date. (Update) 800 MsPoints

What was that! your playing Mafia II on what system?

I really enjoyed the first Mafia installment on the PC it’s definitely in my top ten pc games off all time.  This looks like it’s going to be just as good if not better than the first.  Bit disappointed that the betrayal of Jimmy is PS3 exclusive as I will be purchasing it for the Xbox360.

Not to worry though this is going to be excellent no matter what you play it on.  If you get a chance I recommend you give the first Mafia a go,   I’m sure you would pick it up very cheap now.

Just a side note,  The Mafia titles seem to be way ahead of The Godfather titles in story , graphics and gameplay.  So if you have played The Godfather titles and didn’t like them don’t let that turn you off  Mafia II.

Mafia II is set for release on the 27th-August-2010

For more info and screen shots head over to


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