Medal of Honor – Limited Edition

The MP7 has been unlocked and is now available in the Medal of Honor multiplayer beta! This is your chance to check it out and get comfortable with the weapon designed with the Special Operations Community in mind.  Looks like E.A are putting the pressure on by releasing some new content to those who pre-order Medal of Honor.

Those who order now will get day-one access to the TOZ-194, 870MC2 shotguns  and the MP7 submachine gun while others will have to work hard and rank up to get these.  Check out these bad boys in action in this video clip.

German MP7 Nice!

We are still waiting to play this on the xbox360 before we draw our final conclusion. Hopefully it won’t be delayed for too much longer.

Update: Just used the MP7 in the multiplayer this morning seems pretty good easy to wield and the stopping power seems a little better than the AK.


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