Medal Of Honor Beta – Thoughts PS3

Delayed again on the Xbox360! Sign?

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a Medal of Honor beta code and as it’s still delayed on the Xbox 360 we couldn’t hold off any longer so decided to go for the PS3 beta.  Spending most of our multiplayer time on the Xbox 360 we knew it was going to feel a bit weird anyway, all the same here are some thoughts;

What you get? There are two game types available in the beta ‘Mission’ and ‘Team Assault’, in ‘Mission’ you move up along the map destroying objectives with fellow team mates against enemy A.I and ‘Team Assault’ is just Team Deathmatch under a different name. There is only one map for each game type which is pretty bad even for a beta, at the very least it would have been nice to utilise the two maps by having them playable in both game types.

What we really think? Having DICE looking after the multiplayer side of things begs the question of whether this is just BFBC2 in a different wrapper?  And our answer to that question is yes and no because although it feels exactly like BFBC to play it is a whole lot worse.  The controls feel the same and even when you’re attacking objectives the alarm sounds the exact same as in the BFBC games, seriously, how hard would it be to at least change that?  It takes a lot of rounds to drop enemies in both game types (another gripe brought along from the BFBC comparison) and the grenade and rocket explosions are very weak looking.  The screen freezes when you are about to die which makes the game have that laggy feel and we’re betting that’s not going to change even in the full version.  Spawn camping is ridiculously easy on the Team Assault map ‘Kabul’.  If you call in an Artillery strike and die before it comes in it seems you do not get any of the kills you would have gotten with the strike had you stayed alive.  Selection of weapons was ok for a beta although having a full auto M16 was a bit of an odd addition and guns didn’t seen to vary much recoil or stopping power wise.

We are sure that there has been tons of feedback, questions and ideas sent to the crowd over at the Medal of Honor HQ so hopefully they will improve and tweak what they can.  But as things stand we don’t hold out much hope for the Medal of Honor multiplayer.

Medal Of Honor Stats

We just uploaded the picture above as we thought the image of the suppressor had to be the worst attempt of a silencer ever seen or perhaps it was just pure laziness by the graphics team.

We are still waiting for the Xbox 360 version to come out before we draw a final conclusion because from experience it does seem to have the edge where multiplayer is concerned.

Got your hands on the beta?   Let us know what you think!


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2 responses to “Medal Of Honor Beta – Thoughts PS3”

  1. gamepush says :

    Doesn’t sound like it’s that great of a game. Luckily I got my beta code for free (instead of pre-ordering). They just sent me an email. I don’t even remember subscribing to anything related to Medal of Honor. Whatever.

    I’m still waiting for the 360 version too -.-
    I probably will end up only playing the beta and not buying the full game. I don’t really like the BFBC series. I can’t believe I’m saying this but, I think I like MW2 better. Speaking of MW2, you should check out my blog post about it. My blog is at

  2. AnotherSociety says :

    You are right there they Call of duty and MW2 are alot better, They seem to be alot sharper and quicker games I supposed a better polished of game at the end of the day. Also with the online is to do with the severs and how good they are BFBC online and Medal of Honor so far just seem to be missing something?
    Good job with your blog keep up the good work.

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