Click Magazine and Xbox Achievements

Well if you haven’t already picked up this month’s edition of Click magazine I recommend you do so now!  Why I hear you say!  well not just because it’s full of gaming reviews, interesting gadgets and movie reviews, but  because our very own editor x Joelene x  is in it.  Standing on top of the  Xbox 360  female gamerscore leaderboard in Ireland!

It still confuses me why Microsoft don’t do more to reward people with high legitimate gamerscores.  Most people are putting a lot of time and money into gaming, even with the current state of the economy,  it’s one of the cheapest ways to have fun with family and friends.  Ubisoft are kind of latching onto this by bringing  UPLAY to the table where you can unlock certain themes, character weapons or outfits by getting certain achievements in the game.  One idea was that the top male and female of any given country should get tickets to various Launches or Expo’s in their country!  Well perhaps that is a bit much to expect but you get the idea.

As far as game-saves and cheating; It’s very easy to weed out the gamerscore cheater’s over at TrueAchievements they have a pretty good system in place.  Anyone found on my friends list cheating I just delete.

Well congratulations to our leading lady, let us know if you got your hands on a copy of Click and as always your thoughts are greatly appreciated.


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