Singularity – Xbox 360

Everytime I hear of a new game coming out I read a little about it and try to stay away from the press as much as possible.  I prefer to wait until I have played the game in case of spoilers and such so I can experience the game as fresh as possible.

So when Singularity popped on the seen as an Activision title,  I read as little as I could about the game just so it would either be a real epic surprise or a complete disaster hold your breath….

Come Get Some!!!

Luckily its an epic surprise and even more.  Incase your like me and want just the points without giving away too much I will hit all you need to know below.

  • You play as Nathaniel Renko a special forces recon soldier sent to a Russian research station known as  Katorga-12.
  • A weird and ever-shifting environment with lots of weird creatures.  Most of these creatures were humans but  exposed to E99.
  • Time Manipulation Device (TMD) This plays a lot in your arsenal of weapons use it wisely.

What to Expect

If  your a fan of FPS then this is a must have, to me it borders on a few games such as Call of Duty, Bioshock and  ShadowRun.  However not as polished as the newer  Call of Duty’s  or Bioshock it’s still up there with some of  today’s game’s graphically.  The eery sounds of some of the creatures does really add to the weirdness.

Right from the start you’re straight into the action as there is no tutorial, you will be shown how to use you equipment along the way, which I found really useful as you get to learn what you have before progressing onto the next stage of upgrades for both your guns and your TMD.

With your TMD you can manipulate some things on the maps but not everything so if your stuck and don’t know where to go its pretty easy to figure out your next move by just looking at objects you can render.

It’s definitely not for the faint of heart either, Doom 3 comes to mind when playing this, it will freak you out a lot of  times.  Having gone only thirty percent into the game so far  that’s as much as I would be willing to tell anyone anyway.

I found the picture below appropriate as this is where I am now in the game and believe me hard is definitely hard.  There’s no forgiveness for error in this game.

Not a nice place to be! If you don't like ticks that is....


Having only played two multiplayer games I can’t really say much yet but it seems pretty stable.  Its six on six human v creature and vice versa.

So buy it now and let us know what you think of it.

EDIT: finished all the single play it’s definitely worth buying and check out all the endings there all brilliant in there own way thats all im going to say.


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