Alan Wake – UnReviewed!

by x Joelene x

We have been busy playing a lot of games here at ‘The Gaming Shed’ and one of those games was the long-awaited, highly anticipated and perhaps overrated ‘Alan Wake’.  We started off open-minded, a little excited and with the full intention of writing a review after our journey through ‘Bright Falls’.  In the early stages of the game as the story began unfolding our optimism and intrigue remained intact.  But as the story progressed even further certain things started getting a bit tedious.

The problem is when playing ‘Alan Wake’ it feels like this really could be special but there is something missing (besides the ‘Lost’ type unanswered questions) and we can’t quite put our finger on it.  More than anything we found ourselves wishing we could just kill off Mr. Wake ourselves, he really is one of the worst lead characters; we feel nothing for him or his cause and just wish the lake would swallow him up for good so he could never wake up again!

If this game was changed up a bit and turned more into an adventure/thriller style point and click with some well thought out puzzles I think it would be a better fit to the overall atmosphere and would really compliment the score, graphics and plot.  But as it is the games mechanics just seem to take away from the visuals, the repetitiveness of the combat situations grow tiring and you find yourself frantically searching for the next ‘Safe Haven’ rather than fully immersing yourself in the overall experience.

So the truth is we couldn’t even bring ourselves to write a review, we racked our brains but couldn’t even figure out where to start.  We did however read numerous reviews and have found one that we would love to steal for ourselves…of course we can’t do that so here is the link for you to peruse:

Your thoughts?


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3 responses to “Alan Wake – UnReviewed!”

  1. Ruslanova says :

    Yeah, it’s good, very useful, thanks 🙂

  2. strikervii says :

    Its very interesting reading your unreview. I tend to think that the best part of Alan Wake is the presentation rather than the charater. I do agree with you, the charater Alan Wake leaves much to be desired but do you think that Remedy choose to make him as vulnerable as they did to ascent the “Horror” of the game? If the enemies dont extremely over power you doesn’t that take away from the fear? Just a question. I really enjoyed reading you work.

  3. xjoelenex says :

    Good point, it probably was intentional for the whole horror aspect. Unfortunately for me it just made me bored with his mission and made the enemies less scary and more like a nusiance getting in the way of me ending the whole thing!

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