MW2: Resurgence Map Pack – Maps Confirmed!

by x Joelene x

Okay so yesterday we were only pondering what new maps might come our way with the next DLC installment for MW2, today we have the list!  Major Nelson has posted the interview with Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling for your listening pleasure here.

So here are some details from the interview for you:

“We’re bringing you five locations…three of those are brand new locations you’ve never seen and then we’re keeping with what the fans wanted of seeing some of their favourite Call of Duty 4 maps.”

The Classics:

  • Vacant – Wide open Russian office complex.  This map will contain a lot of “cool” changes according to Bowling so for all the info click on the link above to hear the full interview.
  • Strike – Urban town with the big monument in the centre.

New Maps:

  • Carnival – Desolated amusement park (daytime map).
  • Trailer Park – Tight corridors, condensed maze, run and gun.
  • Fuel – Oil Refinery, sniper haven, wide open space.

The Resurgence Pack will cost 1200 Microsoft Points.  There will also be two new Resurgence playlists although there was still no mention as to whether the Stimulus playlists will stay intact.

Available June 3rd on Xbox Live!


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