Modern Warfare 2: Resurgence Map Pack

by x Joelene x

Well it looks like we wont have to wait long for the second map pack  installment from Infinity Ward’s: Modern Warfare 2.  On June 3rd, only a few short weeks away, the ‘Resurgence Map Pack’ will be released for Xbox Live!  Although there were talks of a late 2010 release Activision have now revealed the new date in a recent statement.  The map pack will include 5 maps but whether they are all entirely new or consist of a mix of new and classic maps is as yet unknown.  No price has been confirmed but despite download issues the ‘Stimulus Map Pack’ boasted more than 2.5 million downloads in the first week alone so I’m sure we can expect a similar price guide.  Infinity ward will also be hosting two Double XP weekends to coincide with the release, the first will start May 28th and the second on June 4th.  No doubt the latter will be only available within a new playlist for users wielding the ‘Resurgence Map Pack’.  There has been no official date confirmed for PS3 or PC users.

So what are you hoping for? Issues aside, the first round of DLC for MW2 had a mixed reception.  Some gamers were not happy with the fact that two of the maps were virtually copied and pasted from one title to another whilst others welcomed the old maps and would have loved more of the same but almost all were not pleased with the price tag attached.

Timing is key! Although we are unsure about how many/if any more maps will be released for MW2 this one seems a little too hot on the heels of the ‘Stimulus’ release.  Does this new release mark the end of the ‘Stimulus’ playlists currently available?  I really hope not as I am still enjoying the playlist and all of the maps included.  Perhaps this early release date is needed to feed the masses of disappointed players and keep people interested before they are gone forever yet I can’t help but find myself a little bit more excited about the Double XP than the impending map pack!

Your thoughts?


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5 responses to “Modern Warfare 2: Resurgence Map Pack”

  1. AnotherSociety says :

    Nice one double xp also sweet. I hope there are at least two Call of Duty 4 maps again.

  2. Cisco Munoz says :

    Strange how, now that the map pack has been released, gamer don’t see to be angry about receiving to old maps… Did IW choose correctly or do you think it’s something else???

    Nice Post

  3. xjoelenex says :

    Well for me the old maps where what I was looking forward to more than the new ones. So far MW2 has been one tweak too many in comparison to it’s predecessor and I got bored of the launch maps so quickly that at least the thought of a good map from a great game is something to be happy about. I think it may have been better to release a pack of new maps and a pack of the old ones so some people wouldn’t feel cheated though. Thanks for your interest! 🙂

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