Dead to Rights: Retribution

With just over a week to go its time to brush up on your ‘Dead to Rights’ skills.

Dead to Rights Retribution

Released on the original Xbox as a timed exclusive back in 2002 “Dead to Rights” was a third-person shooter and sported an intresting and dark storyline.  You played as Jack Slate, a good cop in a sprawling metropolis called Grant City.  Your in the K-9 division with your trusty sidekick Shadow what could go wrong?  They say a dog is a mans best friend and it’s a good job because Jack  loses everything and everyone dear to him and Shadow is the only real freind he can trust.  After a routine  patrol stop Jack finds his father murdered.  Now your on the hunt for your fathers killer.

Dead to Rights II followed in 2005 and in the same year a PSP prequel called Dead to Rights: Reckoning.

‘Dead to Rights: Retribution’ is a reimagining of the original game and marks the series’ first outing onto next gen consoles.

One of the most interesting new features for this game is that for the first time in the series you will be able to control Shadow (A Wolf/Malamute cross).  Your four legged friend can investigate crime scenes, sniff out bombs, retrieve weapons and attack enemies.

Check out the new Vids here.


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