Final Fight and Magic Sword 14th April 2010

Final Fight:   Well for me its going to be ” finally I get to finish the fight”.   When this came out way back in 1989 it was a huge hit in the arcades.  Me and my friends couldn’t get enough of it but we could never reach the end as we never had enough money between us to get  there.  After you were defeated you would see yourself tied to a chair with the timer/dynamite ticking down which I remember being quite scary back then we would start fumbling for more coins frantically.  We think it must have been set to Hard or Insane…or at least that’s what we are sticking with anyway!

If you have never played the game here is a quick synopsis:
Theres a selection of three characters; Guy, Cody and Haggar.  It’s a side-scrolling beat-em-up style game, something along the lines of ‘Bad Dudes’ or ‘Double Dragon’ but better quality.

Magic Sword: This is again along the same lines as Final Fight but with more of a ‘Golden Axe’ feel.  I preferred Golden Axe at the time so I didn’t put as much playing time into Magic Sword but it looks good.

You get both Final Fight and Magic Sword for 800MS points and both games share the 200 acheivement points between them seen here.


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4 responses to “Final Fight and Magic Sword 14th April 2010”

  1. David Nicol says :

    I used to play Final Fight in the arcade too – and it was impossible unless you’re the child of a millionaire, which I’m not so I never saw the end either.

  2. AnotherSociety says :

    Can’t wait to play it again. This time all the way with endless continues 🙂

    • Brutus Schnikelhoffenburgerssensonn says :

      With side-scrolling beat em ups there’s this tendency to mash the buttons. Once you start treating Final Fight just like Streetfighter et al & deal your punishment in a more measured, considered way, you’ll see that FF isn’t that hard. I could get to like Stage 3 or 4 on my own with 1 credit in my prime.

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