Splinter Cell – Conviction Special Edition Shotgun

If your lucky enough to have pre-booked your copy of Splinter Cell Conviction your in for a blast, shotgun blast that is as you will be getting a silenced Spas 12 just for those up close and personal moments. As seen in the video below it definatly does the trick.  Gamestop are opening at midnight check  here to see if your local Gamestop will be open.

Theres also a Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction xbox 360 unit which  includes a 250GB hard drive, two black wireless controllers, a black wired headset, an Ethernet cable, a standard definition Composite A/V cable, and the standard edition version of the game.

This post on 1up.com might be worth a look to.

Some Splinter Cell: Conviction Special Edition packages may ship with a faulty USB flash drive, according to Ubisoft.

Speaking to 1UP today, an Ubisoft representative relayed that some of the drives shipping next week are “likely” to be defective, and that the company is working on a solution for customers who may receive the faulty units.

To help alleviate frustration, Ubisoft also confirmed an immediate price drop of the Special Edition, from a suggested retail price of $79.99 to $69.99.


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