Xbox 360 System Update – USB Memory Support

A mandatory  system update for the Xbox 360 has been released over Xbox LIVE. This  system update contains support for USB Memory storage devices. So it is finally time to move  your profile of those 256mb memory units. However make sure you buy one that meets Xbox 360 performance recommendations. We just had a cheap 8GB Duracell memory stick lying around so tried it and got this warning message.

“Performance Warning”

Your device is ready, but doesn’t meet Xbox 360 performance recommendations.

You might experience significant performance problems playing games from the device or saving games and profiles to it.

For example, if you are playing a game that is set to automatically save to your console, the game might appear to stop responding when it is saving.

So before you go out and buy your new memory stick read up first. There is a list coming soon from sandisk of which memory units work best.

If you have a memory unit lying around pop it in and press Y to see if it meets Xbox 360 performance recommendations. 16Gb is as big as you can go on the memory units but then there is the 250GB Harddrive.



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