The Beatles: Rock Band – Review

By x Joelene x

Firstly I love music games and Rock Band is a particular favourite of mine. I had a few reservations when I heard that they were releasing ‘The Beatles Rock Band’ but I will elaborate more on that throughout this review.

‘The Beatles Rock Band’ follows the career of the band chronologically unlocking each venue as you progress. The layout of the game is more back to basics with no jetting around the globe feature like their previous titles. This works well and makes the focus very much on the music without making you feel like you have to rush through the game. Unlocking images and old videos is a great incentive to 5 star songs and really helps to immerse you in the whole ‘Beatlemania’ phenomenon.

There are very few changes to individual instrument playability so seasoned gamers and newcomers alike will have no problem picking up and playing the game. The biggest and newest change here is the addition of harmonies for the vocal career and while this seems like a great idea in concept unfortunately it is a feature that for many will remain untouched. This is due to two reasons; firstly distinguishing between the separate harmonies can take a bit of work and secondly trying to find two friends willing and able to sit and sing through the songs with you could prove to be a mission impossible.

The set list comprises entirely of Beatles tracks which sets it apart from ‘Guitar Hero’ titles (ie.Metallica, Aerosmith…etc) which have special guest and supporting artist appearances. And while I can see why the developers chose to do this with ‘The Beatles’ I couldn’t help but feel it lacked a bit of variety and perhaps excluded alot of music game enthusiasts who may not be Beatles fans.

The whole look of the game is very different to other ‘Rock Band’ and ‘Guitar Hero’ titles. This game makes you feel like you have gone back in time and compliments the sountrack very well. The highlights are definitely the dreamscapes which will make you want to stop playing/singing and watch what is going on in the background. The only downfall graphically I found was when playing the bass; the highway has a design which starts off with no problems but as you enter a ‘Bass Groove’ it places a purple overlay on the highway that seems to make the design swirl and can make watching the notes quite difficult.

I enjoyed playing the songs and even going back over them again for the ‘Chapter Challenges’. Non Beatle fans may even find it a pleasant surprise how many ‘Beatles’ tracks they know or are familiar. But ultimately if you are going to play through each instrument career you may find yourself losing intrest alot quicker than with previous titles.

‘The Beatles Rock Band’ is certainly a must for any Beatles fan and I would recommend it to any music based game lover. However, it does seem to lack the fun-factor of other music games and you may find yourself moving on quite quickly.


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One response to “The Beatles: Rock Band – Review”

  1. warncol says :

    While i agree with most of the above, I thought it lacked depth, and once I got the achievement for completing the game in 24 hours, I knew it would never have the replay life of the other RB games. By contrast, for the same money, RB2 took me weeks to get through just on drums, and I really felt I was learning, but Beatles RB struck me as just an homage to the fab 4, something that would have been decent DLC for half the price, but not worth the full whack.

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