Modern Warfare 2 – Half-time

Well after having playing some excellent and alot of not so excellent games of Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer I finally made it halfway.

500 Down!!

Gladly the new maps will be out in just four days but wh0 is counting!  It definitely needs something to stop it  from going stale so these five maps will hopefully make it like a new and improved game.  Looking forward to conquering the next 500% with some help from x Joelene x  and the CTU dudes of course…


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3 responses to “Modern Warfare 2 – Half-time”

  1. Keith B says :

    Well, well, well, I thought you didn’t like it dude? How come you’re not playing Bad Company 2? I can’t go back after I’ve driven a tank through a house, shot down a chopper with its cannon, then jumped out, set charges on a crate, then noob-tubed everyone trying to disarm it. Best online combat game out there IMO.

  2. Keith B says :

    And, 1200 points for three new maps and two remakes? Don’t you think it’s a bit expensive?

  3. AnotherSociety says :

    Well dude since Call of Duty 4 is the best game out there i really had to put in alot of time to get to like MW2. Battlefield is good I find it a slow paced/ bit boring you would definatly need more than two in a squad to have a laugh. Where as Mw2 you can just jump straight into a game on your own. 1200 is a bit expensive considering Battlefield maps will be free but i dont mind too much as some of the arcade games are 800 and i only play them a few times. Where as we play MW2 a fair bit.

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