Microsoft Games Room – Part 2

So after spending a few hundred microsoft points and alot of hours we have come to the conclusion that the Microsoft ‘Games Room’ is poor!  Well poor might be a bad choice of words, lets say a weak attempt at something that could have been a whole lot better.

The games themselves are over priced for what they are; 100 Microsoft points per game instead of the 240 being charged at the moment  is more than enough for what you get.  An example of not getting value for your money can truly be seen if you purchase the game ‘Outlaw’ in the Atari section…enough said!

I managed to get into the top 20 in ‘Astromash’ but that was short lived, a bit like the feeling of nostalgia and excitement you get when you first play any of these games.  Maybe it’s the titles made available on release that are not doing the ‘Games Room’ justice.  Maybe it’s the feeling I get when I have to constantly dip into my Microsoft points to play or buy a game.  But the truth is it just feels like ‘Games Room’ is the big bully that stands outside the school gate wating to rob you of all your pocket money.  And although this bully gives you something in return it just feels like I won the booby prize every time.

The things that stood out;

If  you  spend 5 tokens to play in your friends arcade they only get one token in return.  It seems that machine fixing is alive and well even in the virtual aracde!

If  you earn a gold medal straight away in any game you will only be awarded one  medal instead of three medals for bronze silver and gold.

When you earn all the gold medals in a game you can no longer win medals for that title so in effect you have to move on and buy another game if you want to get the medal achievements.

For some reason not all games have an option to play the demo before you purchase.

In conclusion, I have not yet stood up to this bully and I may let them take a bit more of my pocket money just to give them a chance.  Maybe underneath their money hungry exterior is a lovable and potential friend who one day will pay me back with better games and make all the bad feelings go away.


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