Modern Warfare 2’s Stimulus Pack – Interview

Well the interview 1ups Community Manager Christina Sanchez had with Robert Bowling answered all my prayers and questions. Here are two that interested me the most.

Tina: Is there any new perks or challenges? Or is the downloadable content strictly maps?

Bowling: Nope. The DLC that you download is just the five new maps. Separate from DLC, we’ll also be adding some a Stimulus playlist which allows you to play every game type on the new maps. And also Stimulus Hardcore that allows you to play Hardcore Ricochet Team Deathmatch, Hardcore Ricochet HQ Pro, and Hardcore Ricochet Search and Destroy on the new maps. But other than that, the DLC content is just the five maps.

Tina: So what would you say to some of the hardcore skeptics that would rather not pay fifteen dollars for a map pack but are still fans of Modern Warfare 2?

Bowling: Well if you’re a huge, hardcore player in Modern Warfare 2 and you’re one of the guys that’s putting the hundreds of hours of gameplay in, there’s no doubt the mileage you’re going to get out of this new content and how many additional hours you’re going to have. These new maps are great. They offer so much variety in the game types you can play on them, and learning them. There’s so much personality to them. And also the two new classic maps we’re bringing back-these are some of the most played maps in Call of Duty 4. So there’s no denying how much game time you’re going to get out of them. It’s definitely worth the investment for you if you’re playing Modern Warfare 2 all the time

If you like the above check out the full interview here

Thats was enough for me im hooked already…. again …….


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2 responses to “Modern Warfare 2’s Stimulus Pack – Interview”

  1. David Nicol says :

    I’m glad that cleared up exactly what is in the Stimulus pack, but the second answer was the type of response a politician would give.

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