Microsoft Games Room

Well  like everyone else this morning I was excited about getting to see the new ‘Games Room’ on Xbox Live.  The download of 300 or so megabytes  and the two arcade packs that came in at 70 megabytes each didn’t take long to download.  I proceeded to load it up and then I waited and waited and waited, it was like  waiting for my old Commodore 64 tape deck games to load.

I felt the nostalgia building up!  Then after waiting some more, at around 30% of loading,  it became clear it wasn’t 1985 but 2010 and the game room was not working (aawww no not already).  So I headed over to Major Nelson to see what the status was; “We are aware of the problem and looking into it”  NICE!!!

I am going to pretend that Microsoft cunningly put that little error in there to make it look and feel like the old games just to make myself feel better!

I didn’t get a chance to play anything in the ‘Games Room’ yet since I ran out of time and had to go work for the man but I’m looking forward to playing it later tonight.

What are your thoughts?


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2 responses to “Microsoft Games Room”

  1. David Nicol says :

    Syntax error on line 20648 anyone?

    You can’t beat a good old fashioned non-descript unhelpful error message when something goes wrong.

    It seems the 21st Century equivalent is: “We are aware there is a problem and are looking in to it….”

  2. Donncha says :

    Actually, despite the retro nature of the games room I’m not in any hurry to try it out.

    I’ll get my fix of C64 gaming from Vice on my Linux box and whatever I can get working on my Macbook, and it’s hard to beat a few games of Syndicate running in UAE! 🙂

    Oh, thanks for the friend request, I’ll be up for a few games of MW2 in about half an hour if you’re around!

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