Metro 2033 – Thoughts!

Just finished 2033 some really good points about this game some bad but way  more good than bad. If your looking for something along the lines of the first Condemened definatly give it a shot. Its linear gameplay is not for ever one but its nice for a change if you dont want to look under every rock on the map.

The graphics are gritty and real with lots of nice smoking guns and radiation  thrown in. The level designs are well thought out and its a nice change to get to the surface sometimes even if it is only looking through your gas mas. Story is pretty good and will keep you entertained all the way through. Nice selection of weapons  my favorite was the Automatic shotgun and the sweet reloads if you  leave you controller idle for a little bit you will see him cleaning out the barrel of the shotgun!

The Journal and Lighter are a nice touch. They come in handy in the dark tunnels looks good.

Metro 2033

Only real problem i have with this game is using ammo as money bad idea. The enemies take a load of bullets to kill them so you could find yourself running around with a knife bashing them for ages. Thats the biggest thing i dislike about the game there are too grades of ammo “Dirty Ammo” and “Military Grade Ammo” but you will need all the ammo you can get.

Anyway good game good ideas let down a bit by the money for ammo thing definatly worth a play through.

Check out 2033 Website for more news. Dont forget to register your game a THQ to get your free xbox avatar Mask….


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One response to “Metro 2033 – Thoughts!”

  1. game says :

    Interesting review, agreed there are much better games than this.

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