Call of Duty – Classic – Hard is Hard!!!

Just got through the Call of duty – Classic you  get  free with MW2 Special Edition  and let me tell you on hard its one of the hardest shooters you will try and complete . I got through 2 levels and switched it back to medium because i wasent  getting anywhere and wanted to see the whole game.

If you get the full 200GS on this you well deserve it. Finishing COD4 and MW2 both on veteran is way easier than this old beast . Old games did seem alot tougher and they seem to have kept that in this shooter which is good in a way but really annoying if your trying for the last 30GS. All the missions are excellent and you will see your favorite COD2, Cod3, Cod5 . Even though Infinty Ward done cod4 and MW2 in game car rides and some cinematics look much the same just updated graphics of course.

Will i been going back to get the 30GS dont think so but give it a go and see what you think 😉


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2 responses to “Call of Duty – Classic – Hard is Hard!!!”

  1. Zita Iglesias says :

    I have a few friends that will love this article, I’ll certainly let them know.

  2. Neil Isabell says :

    this is the hardest game that i have ever played in my entire life, oh my god

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