MW2 Stimulus Map Pack


New content coming 30thMarch 2010 for MW2 including Five new maps,



  1. Bailout
  2. Storm
  3. Crash
  4. Overgrown
  5. Salvage

Also some avatar content,

  1. Riot Shield
  2. Night Vision Goggles
  3. Gas Mask
  4. Full Army Ranger Uniform

How Much? Ouch!!

The map pack is estimated to be 1200 ms points but not confirmed bit expensive as two of these maps came with COD4. Also how many will be playable in your favorite game type? Hardcore head quaters is our favorite so that will probably limit the maps down to three straight away???? There are also talks of new callsigns and challenges.

If you would like a look a some leaked pictures of the maps check this LINK

xbox live info HERE


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11 responses to “MW2 Stimulus Map Pack”

  1. David Nicol says :

    The main issue with whether to buy the map pack or not is whether you want to play online or spend your time being kicked from games for not having the maps.

    I didn’t get World at War until really late – after all the map packs had been released and found online play virtually impossible as it would allow me to join a lobby…..tick tick tick down the time until game start and then – BOOT, you don’t have that map!

    With over 4 million players, I think that those who choose not to purchase the map pack are going to find themselves in a similar situation with no way of opting for non-map pack lobbies.

  2. AnotherSociety says :

    Thats very true David thats why we will be buying them straight of the bat on the 30th. Looking forword to seening crash and overgrown most of all.

  3. AnotherSociety says :

    LOL Dont we all 😉

  4. mw2master says :

    Visit my site and leave a comment at

  5. ignatios says :

    how late comes the mw2 new maps in europe

  6. David Nicol says :

    I was in a chat thingy with sasbenjr from YouTube along with other subscribers earlier. Some of them had it, but there didn’t seem to be any great excitement about them (but they’re more in to BFBC2 now).

    Don’t think that there is as much interest in them from the PS3 platform.

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