Windows Phone 7 – Achievements

Im sure you are all up to speed with the new windows mobile 7 with Xbox LIVE support

  • Collect Achievements and build your Gamerscore
  • See your Xbox LIVE Avatar
  • View Xbox LIVE leaderboards
  • Add Xbox LIVE friends to your friends list
  • Access Spotlight feeds
  • Turn-based multiplayer gaming

This is definatly a good thing for us achievement seekers but will it work out better than Games For Windows Live (GFWL) More and more people are having trouble unlocking achievements on their gamertags with Windows Live games.  As GFWL is still relatively new i suppose it may take time to settle in hopefully the mobile client will be sweet right of the bat.

If i were you i would set up a new account first before delving in with your hard earned Achievements incase they get a little mixed up 😉 Personally we cant wait to get our hands on this little bad boy…


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