Tom Clancy’s – Hawx

Tom Clancy’s – Hawx
(Written by AnotherSociety)

The Story so Far
Tom Clancy’s – hawx is a next-gen air combat killer of a game set in the very near future. At the beginning of the game you are a U.S navy pilot hired by a group to do various missions all around the world from protecting the likes of the  U.S President to helping out troops on the ground as they come under attack from ground enemies such as tanks , Gun ships, Helicopters and other fighter planes. Missions are all over the world so you will get to see some really great looking places from Brazil to Cape Canaveral in the USA.

Fighter Planes
I’m  not to well up on my fighter planes but as you play through the game you will you lock better weapons and even better fighter aircrafts from the F-22 Raptor which is my favorite to the very modern F-117 Nighthawk looks like the plane in the movie Executive Decision. While picking you plane you can also zoom in on it while in the hangar much like Forza 2 does for cars. And they look amazing. The selection of weapons is mind blowing.
Look and Feel
The sound effects and graphics will blow you away both very clear and realistic. With you breaking the sound barrier all the time look out and listen for that one.
The controls are quick and easy to pick up and figure out. Iif you played Blazing angels or Ace Combat it’s much the same. Even if you new to air combat games you will pick it up in no time.

Wishful Thinking.
Customizable planes…

Hard – While the single player is easy over half of the achievements are online so it will be time consuming to get the 1000/1000

Graphics 9.2
Single Player Campaign 9.0
Multiplayer 8.5
Sound 9.0


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