ShellShock 2 – BloodTrails

Shellshock 2 – Blood Trails
(Written by AnotherSociety and x Joelene x)

The Story So Far
You play as Nate Walker drafted into the US army in the height of the Vietnam War.  Not giving away too much you join your brother Cal who joined the US army way before you after finding out there father was dishonorably discharged for cowardice due to shellshock.  Cal wanted to show that the whole family was not the same and quickly moved up through the ranks with his bravery and courage.
Basically you need to get to cal and find out what White Knight is all about.
Having played the first shell shock (shellshock Nam 67) I wasn’t blown away by it. It was just another straight forward shooter even back then and this just seems to follow along the same path.

Look and Feel
Sadly the graphics and controls seem to be stuck back there too.  The story was the only thing that kept my attention through out this game. Sadly even that was a bit all over the place at times.  The cut-scenes are pretty good there gruesome and violent but again they wont blow you away graphically. Running is very similar to medal of honor with the camera moving about the place. There are also button sequences through out the game which may sometimes catch you off guard.

This is my Boomstick
If you a fan of ‘Hour of Victory’ or ‘History Channel Battle for the Pacific’ you will be right at home.  The slow controls and the feel or the lack of feel from the guns is not the best whether you use a hand gun or a AK47 the feel is the same.  The grenades and RPG’s have little or no explosions which look really bad when detonated.  The selection of weapons is run of the mill handgun, M1 carbine, M16, Ak47, Shotgun Japanese rifle which feels a lot like the Kar98 for Call of Duty 3, RPG and Grenades.  Even the heavy mounted machine guns are not the best.

Not one of the best World War 2 games I have ever played but it’s worth a go.  Defiantly give it a rent at least as there’s no multiplayer and you will easy finish it in a day or two. Recommend playing it on hard though as it’s very easy the toughest part was near the end of the game if you get stuck I have a small vid click in videos section that will get you through it ; )

Very Easy
In Total
Graphics 7.0
Single Player Campaign 7.2
Multiplayer 0.0
Sound 7.0


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