Fracture – (Absolute Ground Breaking Stuff)

(Written by AnotherSociety and x Joelene x)

I was not sure what to make of this game when I first played the demo but I knew there was something I liked about it so I purchased the full game on the day it was released.  The story line is based on a good idea and the eventual outcome is pretty decent although lacking much needed detail.  Without giving away too much basically the world climate change has altered the lives of millions and that’s why the government developed terrain deformation technology to counteract the rise in sea levels.
So the world was split in two ‘The Pacificans’ who alter human DNA to withstand the changes in the world and the Atlantic Alliance who developed cybernetics to try and keep humankind in balance with nature.
Pacificans: Bad
Atlantic Alliance: Good

The range weapons in this game will keep you entertained right through the entire story.  The ‘Black Widow’ shoots sticky bombs which you must detonate by pressing X then sit back and watch the fire display.  You have the ‘Scorpion’ sniper Rifle (not related to the weak Submachine gun of the same name) which causes serious damage.  The Machine guns are great at the start but enemies get a lot tougher early on and are then only useful to get you out of a tight spot.  There are four different grenade types; Spike, Subsonic, Tectonic and Vortex, all of which are deadly in their own right.  They all explode like grenades with the exception of the ‘Spike’ that can grow a large pillar out of the terrain which is very useful for lifting things up, plastering your foes to the ceiling, or as a self made elevator.  The ‘Vortex’ is by far the best but I will leave you to see that one for yourself though!!!  The ‘TDV’ Vehicle really seals the deal though, you will never get stuck with this beast, this mode of transport not only gets you from A to B but can also rise and lower terrain (could be useful for those potholes).
As you play through the game you unlock certain Augmentations for your body which are needed as the story progresses.  From bionic arms to the ability to jump higher these are a welcome addition which adds to the feel of the game.

The controls and movement are sharp and quick but I found using the Y button to sprint breaks the flow of the game; I would have defiantly preferred to use the left thumb stick and to use Y to crouch.  I couldn’t find anything in the options to change the controls but it would have helped make the game more enjoyable.  I found when you zoom in with some of the weapons if you are too close to cover you end up shooting it instead of the enemy.  It can be hard to tell this is happening when you are zoomed and you may end up with a very alive enemy and low ammo

I must say Lucas Arts have made a nice job of this game, the graphics clear and vibrant and the destructible elements worked well.  The surroundings were well thought out and there was a lot of variety, each level was new and interesting too look at which is a change from many games of this type.  The ‘Entrencher’ in this game, which raises and lowers the ground, works well and its effects are graphically amazing.  When I first used the ‘Vortex’ grenade in single player I assumed it would create some kind of lag but the game runs smooth throughout.
The online game play runs along the same lines as the single player and seems pretty good online although I only played four or five games so far.  There are a variety of game types to choose from including Capture the Flag, Free for All, King Maker and many more.  There appeared to be no lag online, which is unusual for a lot of new games, even with all the terrain deformation going on it seemed very steady.  Although with not a lot of players online it could end up like ‘TimeShift’ and undiscovered treasure.
Graphics        8.2
Single Player Campaign   8.7
Multiplayer        7.5
Sound           7.8


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