Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway

Brothers in Arms – Hells Highway
(Written by AnotherSociety, Editing and comedic quotes by x Joelene x)

I have been looking forward to playing this installment of ‘Brothers in Arms’ since I finished ‘Earned in Blood’ way back in 2005 on the Xbox. I loved this game as it was a lot different than most first person shooters around at the time; the story line and being able to control of your whole squad made you feel more involved with the game. Thankfully Gearbox went all out on this one and have kept and added even more of what made the game different for this 2008 sequel. Even with the likes of Call of Duty 5 knocking at the door this games single player will still stand out on its own.

At the start you will get a brief look back at the previous Brothers in Arms our war torn silent hero Sgt. Matt Baker his past and basically get drawn back into a world of chaos and death, a world where you hold your friends life in your hands. Could you handle such a heavy burden? The developers made great use of the cut scenes throughout the game which not only inform you of the previous story line but also of Sgt. Baker’s frame of mind in this game. Unlike other war games ‘Hells Highway’ is very dark and eerie at times yet it all fits in extremely well with the current story line.

If you’re a Call of Duty player as I’m sure you are you might want to change the controller over to the ‘Tour of Duty’ settings as this helps you pick up the game a lot quicker. With less to remember when controlling your own character you can concentrate more on controlling your team. Sprinting can be a bit of a nightmare when in combat as you can only run in a straight line and must stop, turn and start your sprint again when turning corners but if you are sprinting in a straight line it is very quick and effective.

It’s your first day of ‘Operation Market Garden’ which is going to be a long hard 9 days through Hells Highway. After you have gone through the tutorial keep in mind which is your grenade and which is to send your friends into combat. Not as I have done; thrown a grenade and then send your men in on top of it! Each mission has its own challenges, whether you want to flank your enemy or face them head on is up to you. I like the way they mixed it up some missions your on your own and sometimes in a tank which makes a nice change from controlling your squad all the time, if your more of a one man army you will welcome this opportunity. The tank mission are a little short and sparse but the destruction you can cause is very good and if you are taking to much damage you can get inside the tank for cover.

The AI is pretty good in this game although their purpose is mainly to suppress fire while you pick off the unsuspecting enemy. You can have up to three squads to control at a time from an Assault Crew to a Bazooka Crew there was supposed to be a Mortar Crew too but they seem to be MIA. You cannot always just put fire on an enemy with a squad and run around behind them as you are nearly always out numbered so it’s a great challenge. Like previous games you can get a bird’s eye view of the battlefield by pressing back button. Which is needed quiet a bit as you push on in the game? If you are really up for a challenge when you finish the single player you will have unlocked and can play Authentic mode with no map and no white crosshairs when behind cover it’s a whole new game.

The aiming of grenades in certain areas is one downfall of the game as when in tight quarters it is extremely hard to line them up and they don’t always go where you want. The selection of guns is very good and you get a great selection from both the American and German sides. The M 1 – Garand was a firm favorite of mine also the MG42 which was one of the best built machine guns in the world and in the game you can see why with its high rate of fire and damage.

I must say that Gear Box have down a excellent job on the graphics here, they are both crisp and clear and the detail is excellent on both uniforms and on the terrain around you. The environments are a lot bigger than the old Brothers in Arms and contain much more objectives. The in game destruction and limb from limb explosions are a welcome feature as you get to see the real destruction that grenades can do.

The only big thing I found not well finished in this game is the multiplayer it just doesn’t work for me at all not in the year 2008 and with the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield-BC online. I think Gear Box should have held back and done a lot more work on this and maybe released it as a download later down the road. Because a lot of people are now looking for a multiplayer that’s going to keep them entertained and is fluid online. With only one type of online game available (and it not being a great one at that) it just isn’t acceptable. Co-op could have been a major jump forward for this game because that’s what Brothers in Arms is all about team work you could easily have four, six or even eight players. Maybe for the next one?

Graphics 8.3
Single Player Campaign 8.5
Multiplayer 3.0
Sound 8.0


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